A Weight Management and Fitness Program for Diabetics!

Weight loss is a common recommendation and an important part of the treatment for type 2 diabetes. Many people are overweight when they’re first diagnosed, and that extra fat actually increases their insulin resistance (when the body can’t properly use the hormone insulin).

By losing weight, people with type 2 diabetes can become less insulin resistant, and they’re able to use insulin better.

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or prediabetes, Medi-Weightloss®: DM can help you manage the disease through nutrition and fitness education as well as behavior modification.*

* Disclaimer: Weight loss varies by individual and weight loss cannot be guaranteed. Participants in the Medi-Weightloss®: DM Program DO NOT receive medical treatment for diabetes through Medi-Weightloss®. The Program consists of nutrition and lifestyle education in addition to behavior modification to help participants lose weight and manage type 2 diabetes. Program participants must see their primary care physician or a specialist for medical treatment of diabetes.

Watch John from Charlotte Manage Diabetes!

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Did you know..?

Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure, non-traumatic lower limb amputations, and blindness among adults. Diabetes is the nation’s seventh leading cause of death and a major cause of heart disease and stroke. As little as a 5-10% decrease in body weight can improve insulin action, decrease fasting glucose concentrations, and reduce the need for some diabetes medications. Overweight individuals who lose as little as 4-6 Kgs and exercise at least 30 minutes a day five times a week can reduce their risk of developing diabetes by nearly 60%.